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Djonic Technologies is the brand name of Djonic Technologies LLP. They are the same entity, however all the communication through mail ids is done from @djonictechnologies.com Before doing any financial transaction for any service please drop a mail at sales@djonictechnologies.com or call at +91 8777046968 for confirmation.

This page contains information regarding terms and conditions that govern our services and product.


By visiting, using our website you agree to our terms and conditions.

  1. Our website keeps on updating from time to time. We also make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time, when needed. The most recent version of these terms and conditions will prevail over the previous versions.
  2. In case that we feel that you are involved in any improper, fraudulent, illegal, following unfair trade practices, we reserve the right to suspend service, delete your account, straight away terminate the contract with immediate effect, without giving you prior notice. In such a case, we are not liable to you or any other person/body on your behalf. The cleint can’t ask for compensation in such a case.
  3. If you sign up or get into contract for any of our services, you should provide true and accurate information. This would help us to serve you better.
  4. If we provide any Id and Password for any of the service, it is your responsibility to maintain its confidentiality. We are not responsible for any misuse by leak of any such information. If you feel that someone else may have come to know such information please mail us immediately to sales@djonictechnologies.com.
  5. While using our service, you should not upload, transmit or communicate any message or content of any form that may hurt the sentiment of any community, race or any group. We advocate peace and communal harmony. We do not support any anti-social activity. If we feel that any of our clients is committing any activity through our service that may be of any criminal nature in the society, we reserve the right to suspend the service immediately. The cleint can’t ask for compensation in such a case. We believe in playing a constructive role in the society.
  6. Subjects that haven’t been discussed here will be dealt mutually with no malicious intention on both the ends. To raise any such issue or subjects for discussion you could drop us a mail at sales@djonictechnologies.com or call at +91 8777046968. Let’s be mutually beneficial to each other without getting entangled in unnecessary fights. We are peace loving people.
  7. You could also have a look at our Privacy Policy page for other terms and conditions.
  8. For any query or clarification please mail us at sales@djonictechnologies.com .

We assure you that we are here to help you and do business in a fair manner and in no way we intent to make profit by any unfair intention.

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